"We strive to exceed customer expectations and enjoy ourselves while doing it"



When Sam Varn took over Awards4U in 1987, he envisioned a company that allowed people to express appreciation in the form of high quality and unique recognition products. Today, Awards4U is a leader in the recognition industry, producing awards that enhance all aspects of recognition and honor giving. Our expertise lies in providing a pleasurable shopping experience supported by exemplary customer service. We want our customers to view Awards4U as their best source for all of their recognition programs. Whether you are in search of employee recognition, academic achievement or personalized items, we make buying recognition products easy and fun. We assemble all our products right here in the U.S. employing nearly 40 people with over 200 years of combine experience. Our team is devoted to being the best in the recognition business. For us, recognition isn’t just something we do, it’s part of our DNA. We seek to uphold the essence of what it means to value recognition and nothing gives us greater joy than allowing our customers to share in that experience. We’re 4Recognition.

Core Values

Fun: We incorporate elements of fun to create exceptional experiences.
Uniqueness: We encourage the fostering of goodwill and appreciate individual contributions.
Quality: We consistently exceed customer expectations and provide the highest quality products.
Innovation: We believe in the power of innovation and constant improvement.
Integrity: We promote open and honest relationships. We value honesty and transparency and uphold respectful communication.
Community: The merit of the successes of individuals is nothing without the contributions of their community. We believe in substantial community involvement.
Collaboration: We greatly emphasize a collaborative team and family culture.
Growth: The recognition and celebration of success is paramount. The pursuit of growth and learning opportunities is essential to life’s successes.


“Appreciating”- We believe that everyone is worthy of being recognized. From school teachers to star third-basemen to the world’s greatest dad – everyone deserves to be appreciated. As a leading provider of recognition products of every stripe, we strive to spread the spirit of appreciation by promoting efforts that better all aspects of our lives.


“4tifying”- We envision a society where recognition helps individuals, businesses, institutions, and organizations reach their full potential. We create unique items that fortify their recognition practices and encourage programs that promote motivation, cooperation, and positivity.


To provide products that help people feel good about their accomplishments.