4 Ideas to Celebrate National Fun at Work Day

Did you know that the last Friday in January is National Fun at Work Day? As an unofficial holiday, it was created to remind organizations and employees alike that it’s okay to have fun while working. This fun national day may be more important now than ever before, given the current employment climate in the country.

4 Personalized Gift Ideas for 2021

Gift giving can be tricky, especially when the person is hard to shop for. One advantage of personalized gifts is that you can just about guarantee they don’t already have something similar and it also provides you with a blank slate to customize your own message to them. When selecting a gift, remember to think practical. Most people love an item that they can use on a regular basis or display in their home or office. Our favorites are stainless steel cups, cutting boards, baking pans, and slate signs.

How to Throw an Office Costume Party

Halloween is the only holiday where we can all dress up, come up with imaginative costumes, and showcase the best of our creativity. But what good is a costume if you can’t show it off to the people you spend the most time with? Here’s how you can throw the best office costume party and make sure everyone has a good time. Planning your office costume party

Choosing the Right Corporate Apparel for your Brand

Corporate apparel is a fun and exciting way to boost visibility, build brand loyalty, and give recognition to people on your team. But how do you choose the right corporate apparel for your brand? Here’s everything you need to know about creating the perfect corporate fit. Choose your style

4 Must-have Gifts for Teachers and Students

After over a year of distanced learning, students and teachers in Tallahassee, Florida, are headed back to school. Throughout this time, both students and teachers have had to juggle the challenges of the pandemic with their education. So, how can we show our appreciation after such a challenging year?

2021 Fun Recognition Trends

If the pandemic has taught us anything about the workplace, it’s that employees are the most important asset of any business. Many have seen their employees go above and beyond despite all the challenges we’ve faced.

Planning a Conference? Here are 4 Must Have Promo Products

Event planners know exactly how much detail goes into planning a conference or tradeshow. Choosing the right promotional products can be critical to the success of your event. Not only is swag great for self promotion it is also useful to the guests and in many cases kept for a long time.

Attract and Retain Great Employees with a Culture of Recognition

With the new and unique challenges facing the world today, employee recognition is more important than ever. If you want to attract and retain great employees, you need to understand the importance of recognizing your team members and how you can do it in a memorable way that produces a lasting impression. It’s vital that you let your employees know you appreciate the hard work they put in and that you care about their achievements.

Unique and Fun Ways to Recognize Your Graduate

Graduation day is a major milestone whether you’re in high school, college, or graduate school. It signifies a major achievement and it deserves the utmost recognition for all the hard work it took to get there. If you know of an upcoming graduate and want to make it a special day to remember, try some of these unique and fun ways to give them the recognition they deserve. 1. Gift your graduate a custom graduation plaque

5 Unique Ways for Charities to Use Awards

As a non-profit, one of the biggest challenges you will face is encouraging people in your community to engage with and support your cause. Rewards are a great way to keep people in your group, employees, and the surrounding community focused on your organization’s goals, making it more fun and memorable for everyone participating. Here are 5 unique ways to use awards in your charity to encourage engagement and secure more donations.

How to Host a Digital Award Ceremony

The pandemic has disrupted many things in our work environments, but employee recognition does not have to be one of them. A digital award ceremony is the perfect way to celebrate your team’s hard work and show them you appreciate their efforts. Here’s how you can make the most out of your virtual ceremony and show the recognition your team deserves.

5 Great Ways to Reward Staff Working Remotely

1. Allow them to make their own schedule Allowing your staff to have the flexibility to work when it’s convenient to them is a great way to show you trust them and the work they put out. If the tasks they need to accomplish are not time sensitive, it’s an easy thing to offer that they will appreciate and consider a perk.2. Show some recognition

Teacher Recognition is Essential

The job of a teacher has always been hard and underappreciated, but it’s never been more challenging than it is now. Everything has changed since schools have closed and transitioned to online learning. The pandemic is posing unique challenges in the world of education, but your child’s teachers are still doing everything they can to make it work. 

Millennial Recognition in the Workplace

How does a company adapt to a changing workforce? First, acknowledge the change. The Millennial generation will represent the largest proportion of the workforce by 2024, which is rapidly approaching. As time goes on and the workplace environment shifts, it is important the companies understand the generational differences and make necessary and thoughtful changes to adapt.

Now More Than Ever - Recognition is Essential

In these times of uncertainty, Awards4U is sure of one thing: People need recognition now more than ever.   - Recognition for being a first responder. - Recognition for homeschooling children.

Give More Staff Shout Outs!

You’ve heard the old adage about catching more flies with honey than you can with vinegar, right?  Well, I’m certainly not comparing employees with an insect, but you get the bigger picture. More often than not, it is easier to tell an employee what needs to be corrected and what they are not doing properly than to commend him or her for a job well done.

Make Gift Giving Personal

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays, and this means that the next few months will be packed full of planning, shopping and wrapping. Gift shopping can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the holidays, as it’s lovely to plan out presents and anticipate the happy responses on the big day.  

Why recognition is such an important part of company culture

Recognition in the workplace is essential if you want to work in a happy environment. Think about the last time you did a large project at work and got recognized for it. How good did you feel having somebody notice your work? Alternatively, consider how you felt the last time you spent ages on a piece of work and had no acknowledgment of the hours you poured into it. Being recognized for our work can have a huge impact on our self esteem in general.

4 Tips for Writing a Compelling Award Nomination

Throughout your life, you’ll connect with people, both personally and professionally, who you feel are deserving of recognition. If you come across an award that would be perfectly suited for them, you may be required to submit a formal nomination letter, but finding the right words can be challenging. The person or panel who is responsible for determining who the award recipient will be must often do their due diligence by reviewing a complete package on each nominee. This typically includes a resume, social media profiles and a recommendation or nomination letter.

Recognizing Every Day Milestones with Kids

When giving awards of recognition, most people tend to automatically think of a business setting. However, recognizing milestones of accomplishment doesn’t just have to be limited to the work environment.