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I want to include my logo on my awards. What is your preferred digital format?

Yes, usually with no problems if you provide PC based artwork. Click here for a complete explanation of our artwork requirements.

What is the usual production time for my order?

Normal production time for most items is 5 working days. Large orders or custom-designed pieces can take longer and will be quoted prior to the beginning of production. Advising us in advance of your planned presentation date is highly recommended. We will schedule production to allow ample shipping time for you to receive your awards a few days prior to that date. However, delays in artwork approval or shortened production time could result in the need for Priority shipping and/or Priority or Express Service.

Tell me more about your Priority and Express Service...

We understand that sometimes the need for an award comes up unexpectedly. When that occurs, we are ready, willing and able to help you meet your deadline. In order to maintain our commitment to helping YOU look good, we offer Priority Service and Express Service on many products- complete with personalized engraving and ready for presentation!

These premium services are available for the following fees:

  • Priority Service – products will ship the next business day – 20% of the entire order
  • Express Service – products will ship by the second business day – 10% of the entire order.

Please note that this does not apply to our great selection of rush awards!

What other special services do you offer?

Fulfillment Services

Want to establish a recurring recognition program but don’t want to store a lot of products? We offer complete fulfillment services as part of our extensive customer support program. We can maintain your inventory of gifts, awards, promotional products, etc. and have them personalized and shipped to your offices or event in plenty of time for presentation. As an additional commitment to you, we can also insert your cards or letters with each package so your winner is sure to get your message of congratulations. Contact Sam Varn for more details!

Custom Design Services

Unlike many smaller awards companies, we maintain a complete art department as one of the most important parts of our customer service. Using our creative resources, we can design and execute an award that will be unique to your organization. You can see some of our work in the Custom Awards section of this site. Let us turn your concepts into reality! Contact us today!

How much does engraving or etching cost?

All lettering for every one of our products is included at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Some items (etched marble and crystal for example) may require a Setup Fee, which is indicated with the item pricing. There is typically only one Setup Fee for all items of a common type. For instance, if you ordered five pieces of a crystal vase, only one Setup Fee would apply for all five. This allows you to amortize the cost of each Setup Fee across the total number of awards. Our Setup Fee covers the cost of prepping each item for etching or engraving. Our order form is custom designed to give you the lettering limits for each item in our online catalog. Please contact our customer service department at 1-800-659-0860 if you require more than the space provided.

Will I be notified when my order does ship?

Yes, we will email you with a notification that your order has shipped, including courier tracking information.

What methods of shipping are available and at what cost?

When you place your order you will be offered several options for shipping, including local pick-up if you live in our area. The website will calculate all appropriate costs and add the shipping charges to your order.

What if my awards arrive damaged or engraved incorrectly?

Your order passes through three Quality Control stations prior to being shipped to you. However, in the event we make an error, we will replace the incorrect piece(s) as quickly as possible at our sole expense. If the error was on your part (i.e. incorrect spelling for a name) we will still replace the incorrect piece(s) as quickly as we can for a nominal fee. Regardless of the nature of the error, we will make every effort to have the corrected awards to you in time for presentation. If your order was damaged in shipping, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you retain all packaging and wrapping materials for UPS or FedEx inspection. Please inspect the exterior of your packages carefully upon receipt and report any obvious damage to the courier. In the event of damage, we will assist you in any way possible.

Can I return any items for a refund?

No products may be returned without prior approval from our customer service department. Because of the highly personalized nature of award products, only items received late or incorrect are eligible for refund consideration. Most of our products are not reusable after they have been engraved or etched, though in some cases, an engraving plate can be replaced in order to utilize the award for a different occasion or recipient. Please contact us to discuss this on a case-by-case basis.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We will accept MasterCard, Visa or American Express. Your card will be charged when the order is placed.

Will my order and credit card information be safe?

Will my order and credit card information be safe?

What if my organization is tax exempt?

Do you have a valid Florida sales tax exemption or resale certificate? If so you can apply to have state sales tax automatically omitted from future orders by following the steps below.   

Please read this first

  • Please review the information below carefully.
  • Wait for approval BEFORE placing any orders you wish to be tax exempt. We are unable to refund tax on previous orders.

How to apply

1. Create an Awards4U.com account for your tax exempt orders

  • Once approved, sales tax will be omitted for all purchases under that account.
  • This means you must only use the account for qualifying tax-exempt/resale purchases.
  • You must use a separate account for personal purchases and non-qualifying/non-exempt purchases.

2. Send your documents

Scan or photograph your valid state-issued tax-exempt certificate or resale certificate.

  • Save the file as a PDF, JPG or PNG file. (No Word docs, please).
  • Be sure all information in your documentation is legible and that it is not expired. If we can't read it, your application will be rejected.
  • Email the scanned copy to: helpdesk@awards4u.com.
  • We will reply once your certificate has been verified and you account has been updated.

You are responsible for providing the correct and completed forms and knowing the rules and responsibilities of making tax-exempt purchases or purchases for resale.

Will you sell or otherwise distribute my email address or other information about me?

Awards4u.com will never willfully sell, trade, rent, disclose, or make available personally identifiable information about you to any third part without first receiving your permission. Click here for our complete Privacy Statement.

How can I establish an open credit account with Awards4U?

Please contact us here, or via snail mail, or via telephone and we can send you a credit application. Our accounting staff will be available to help you in any way necessary.

I already have an open credit account. How can I complete my order without using a credit card?

When selecting a Payment Method, simply select the Purchase Order option and enter your account number and/or the purchase order number in the space provided. Follow the instructions there and use the “Comments” text box to inform us you would like the order billed to your account. Only persons authorized on the credit application will be allowed to place orders or charges against any account.

Do you have any showrooms?

Yes, our home office and showroom is located in Tallahassee, Florida. The address is:

1387 E. Lafayette Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Showroom hours
Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

What if I have more questions?

Please Contact Us for more information or to answer any other questions not shown here.